Reset Doctor

Reset Doctor 1.96

Protect your PDA from crashes

Reset Doctor reduces crashes, helps you track down buggy applications and most importantly, saves your preferences when they are inexplicably destroyed during resets. This means you won't miss alarms, lost settings or have to re-enter your registration codes.

There is a nasty bug in the operating system of Palm Devices with the new Non-Volatile-Filing-System (NVFS). It means that sometimes after a reset, you will lose all your settings and preferences.

Reset Doctor saves them! This means that your Alarms will still sound, your Registration codes will still work and your application preferences are safe.

If you've ever lost your preferences, you'll know how frustrating it can be. Not only do you have to restore your settings, but you can miss important alarms.

Reset Doctor in the background - it will keep your preferences backed up, and even allow you to restore them a couple of times for free should you ever need to!

Other applications need their preferences to set alarms, to know you have registered and to function normally. Reset Doctor restores the preferences during the reset. This means that other applications get their preferences and can do their jobs, so you don't miss anything important!

New Palm devices use a special memory area called the cache to actually run applications. When that gets full, the operating system is supposed to clear it out. Unfortunately, that sometimes causes crashes with applications that are accessing the data in the cache.

Reset Doctor lets you manage your cache so that there is always a set amount of cache free when an application runs. That should help applications to run smoothly and crash less.

Reset Doctor also helps you to force the cache clear more often, or on demand. This will help you when you are trying to track down applications that are crashing in the background because they don't 'understand' the cache. It also links to full instructions that will help you track down applications that are causing problems so you can either disable them, or use another application to fix them.

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Reset Doctor


Reset Doctor 1.96